Who is looking at your charity information?

Who is looking at your charity information?The ACNC is approaching its 3rd birthday and charities with a June year-end are lodging Annual Information Statements including financial information for the second time.

These statements are now providing information about the sector that has never been available before. The Curtin University Not-for-profit Initiative, which was commissioned by the ACNC, has been analysing the 2013 Annual Information Statements. To date, reports have been released on the whole sector as well as specific reports on Charities Involved Overseas and Faith-based Charities.

As awareness of the ACNC grows, no doubt more and more interested parties will be seeking out the charity register. We are already aware of some organisations analysing individual charities and commenting on perceived inadequacies in their financial reports and information provided in other forums such as websites. What would someone understand about your charity from looking at the ACNC register? What additional information would help them to understand you better? It is easy to focus on the compliance aspect, but you have an opportunity to share your organisation’s story in a new forum.

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