family tax benefit B calculator

Work out your Tax Family Benefit B
Primary Income Earner Spouse
Taxable Income:
Employer provided or reportable fringe benefits:
Reportable superannuation contributions:
Total net losses from net rental property or investment income:
The value of any tax free pensions or benefits:
Any foreign income that is not taxable in Australia:
Tax exempt foreign income:
Less the full amount of any child support:
Are you a single parent?
Age of your youngest child:


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* Please note: these calculators are only estimates and should be used only as a guide. Additional circumstances not covered by this calculator may impact your entitlement for a benefit payment including for example, the country of residence of both parents and children, being up to date with your tax returns, eligibility for payment from the Department of Veterans Affairs, receipt of parental leave payments.

Financial support is available for families whose baby was stillborn. Please refer to the Stillborn Baby Payment page of the Human Services website for more information.