medical expenses tax offset calculator


The medical expense tax offset only applies if your net medical expenses exceeds $5,000 excluding contributions to private health insurers, travel or accomodation expenses associated with medical treatment or inoculations for overseas travel.

You can claim medical expenses for:

  • yourself
  • your spouse (married or de facto)
  • your children aged under 21 years
  • a student aged under 25 years whom you maintainted & whose income was less than $1,786

Claimable Medical Expenses

  • to dentists, orthodontists or registered dental mechanics
  • to opticians or optometrists, including for the cost of prescription spectacles or contact lenses
  • for therapeutic treatment under the direction of a medical practitioner
  • for medical aids prescribed by a medical practitioner
  • for artificial limbs or eyes and hearing aids
  • to keep a trained guide dog for guiding or assisting people with a disability
  • for laser eye surgery, and
  • for treatment under an in-vitro fertilisation program.

Non-Claimable Expenses

  • cosmetic operations for which a Medicare benefit is not payable
  • dental services or treatments that are solely cosmetic
  • therapeutic treatment where the patient is not formally referred by a doctor
  • chemist-type items, e.g. tablets for pain relief, purchased in retail outlets or health food stores
  • inoculations for overseas travel
  • non-prescribed vitamins or health foods
  • travel or accommodation expenses associated with medical treatment
  • contributions to a private health insurer
  • purchases from a chemist that are not related to an illness or operation
  • life insurance medical examinations
  • ambulance charges and subscriptions, and
  • funeral expenses.

Calculator Medical Expenses

Total net medical expenses 2017

To be eligible to claim this offset you must have either:

  • received an amount greater than zero on your 2012-13 and 2013-14 notices of assessment for this offset; or
  • paid for medical expenses relating to disability aids, attendant care or aged care.
Cost Rebate
Please enter the cost & rebates for claimable medical expenses such as:
  • Dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Optometrists
  • Chiropractic/Physiotherapists
  • Medical Aid (Doctor prescribed)
  • Artificial Limbs/Hearing Aids
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Maintaining a guide dog
  • Carer
Single / Couple:
Adjusted Taxable Income:


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