Are you being scammed?

Are you being scammed? Since time immemorial, imaginative but deceptive minds have been working to do us out of a dollar. Modern-day scammers are continuing the tradition, devising ingenious ways to deceive us into parting with our money.

One of the more recently favoured methods is to contact taxpayers to alert them of an old outstanding tax debt, and in one case, the “threat” of an ATO visit to their home.

The ATO has stated that it will never contact taxpayers by email or SMS asking them to pay tax or face going to Court. The ATO will always issue numerous notices and letters prior to taking any legal action.

However, scammers are ingenious, and emails and SMS messages can look authentic and be very convincing. If you are in any doubt as the authenticity of any contact from the ATO please contact our office immediately. As your accountants, we have direct on-line access to your ATO records and can quickly check anything that may be outstanding.

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