Victorian Long Service Leave changes soon to begin

In May this year, the Long Service Leave Act 2018 (Vic) received Royal Assent, signalling some significant changes to the Long Service Leave entitlements of Victorian employees, and impacting all Victorian employers

The changes, which will take effect from 1st November 2018, will affect the entitlements of Victorian employees, unless they are specifically exempted.

Some of the more significant changes are as follows:
• Entitlement to take Long Service Leave to arise after 7 years (currently 10 years);
• Greater flexibility for employees in taking long service leave (will be able to take as little as a day at a time);
• Unpaid parental leave up to 52 weeks will count as part of the employee’s service period (it currently does not count)
• More generous provisions for employees who have transitioned to working a different number of hours (eg from full-time to part-time)
• Failure to comply with the Act will attract criminal penalties (previously attracted civil penalties)

Victorian employers are advised to familiarise themselves with the new rules.

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