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RDL helps many small to medium businesses write their business plans in Melbourne. Let us help you grow your business with professional business plan writing, budgeting & cash flow forecasting.

You may be starting a new venture or you are about to embark on a new direction in your existing business. A well thought out business plan with budgets and forecasting is crucial for anyone from fresh entrepreneurs to experienced business veterans. Effective companies business plan writers provide useful insights for yourself, to improve your financial readiness for expenses, and are also a key requirement for gaining investors and finance.

The written business plan you receive is unique and created solely to meet your requirements by our business consultants with a great understanding of businesses. Many small to medium enterprises throughout Melbourne rely on our business plans, marketing strategy budgeting and forecasting to help them reach their goals. With over 50 years of experience, you can trust that we will cover all contingencies in your plan.

RDL provides business plans for a variety of purposes:

business plan writers melbourne

Startup Business Plans

  • Strategic business plans are not only helping to provide you - the business owner - with a guide to working from, but they also enable you to assess risks and determine the likely success of our business before you become fully committed
  • rdl accountants will help you to formulate a small business plan including brainstorming all business, ideas, business costs and operating costs and formulate a plan for meeting these deadlines
  • We help you to determine the viability of your business by determining the pricing and sales targets required to cover business and operational costs

Business Plans for Obtaining Finance

  • In most circumstances, when applying for finance most financial institutions will require a business plan that demonstrates your stability, growth and ability to manage risk
  • We understand that funding is often required urgently and work in a timely manner and ensure all relevant information is documented

Business Plans for Gaining Investor Funding

  • Investors will not only demand an investor business plan that demonstrates your stability, growth and risk management, but they also need to know that you understand your target market, have plans to secure finance, increase market share and can demonstrate a realistic and enticing return on investment 

You may not require the complete details of a business plan and simply aim to achieve a plan for managing costs over the upcoming financial year or be looking for ways to make some small improvements.


A Business Budget will Encompass Factors such as:

  • Fixed costs
  • Variable costs
  • Income
  • Actuals
  • Analysis and recommendations to ‘trim the fat’ and avoid unnecessary spending.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the day-to-day tasks in operating and managing a business, many clients appreciate taking the time to slow down and take a look at where their money is going.

Financial forecasting is also a key part of business planning and can help you make important decisions, leverage opportunities and prepare for potential difficulties. Although there are always certain events that we cannot control, many events can be foreseen and prepared for thorough preparation of an annual profit and loss forecast and cash flow forecast.

rdl accountants perform ongoing consulting for a number of small to medium businesses throughout Melbourne. We can help you create a business plan template, write a business plan, help with budgeting and forecasting to improve decision making, manage risk and create financial success. Speak to an rdl advisor today!