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Tax Return Accountant Melbourne

Tax Accountant Melbourne

Australian tax regulations and legislation are ever-changing, and the penalties for getting it wrong can be high, leaving your interests vulnerable and your future uncertain. As Government regulations evolve, it's our job to keep up to date with legislative changes and guide you through the minefield.

During tax time, your RDL tax adviser takes the pressure of tax compliance off you, allowing you to get on with your business. We establish a relationship of honesty and trust committed to ethically and proactively minimising your personal tax exposure. As your registered tax agent, we are committed to offering real solutions to your individual tax circumstances.

  • Qualified tax return Accountant Melbourne

Our tailored financial planning advice to individuals and businesses including companies, sole trader partnerships, partnerships, trusts and not for profit organisations and individuals creates business accounting and taxation services that minimise risk and maximise returns.

Your RDL tax return accountant can assist you in the following types of tax:


  • Income Tax Return in Melbourne

Income tax is payable on the money you receive from a number of areas. This includes salary, payments from Centrelink, investments income and profits from the sale of investments. An RDL tax professional will ensure all taxable income during a financial year is declared on individual tax returns, protecting you from submitting a false online tax return to the Australian Taxation Office.

We also help you claim any tax deductions such as investment property tax deductions, work-related expenses such as tools and equipment, offsets and rebates you’re entitled to receive. We wok to reduce your tax exposure and maximise your tax refund.

  • Fringe Benefits Tax

Employers often provide additional non-salary forms of remuneration to enable them to attract and retain the best employees. Employers are required to maintain accurate reporting and pay tax on these benefits. We advise small and medium businesses on the complexities of fringe benefits tax and help them incorporate fringe benefits into their salary packaging. We also help maintain compliance, reporting requirements and lodge tax returns.

  • Capital Gains Tax

Gains and losses from the sale of capital assets, such as real estate, investment properties and shares, are considered part of your taxable income. These must be reported in your tax return. There are a number of rules and exemptions to capital gains tax. Additionally, unlike income tax, capital gains tax is not withheld.

The responsibility is placed upon you to be aware of upcoming capital gains tax payments and allocate sufficient funds. We provide business and non-business clients with an understanding and preparation for their capital gains tax payments.

  • Indirect Taxes

With frequent changes in business tax legislation and complex business structures, indirect taxes can be a minefield for businesses to navigate. Our accounting services help clients to stay up to date and understand more about rated tax laws, identify tax risks and create future plans which meet compliance requirements and business objectives.

  • Employment Taxes

RDL tax accountants understand the vast array of employment tax regulations and the difficulty that new small business owners face in understanding their tax requirements. We help clients to understand and set up Payroll Tax and Withholding Pay As You Go (PAYG) tax. We can also assist with Fringe Benefits Tax and Employee Share Schemes.

  • Research & Development Tax Incentives

If your firm is conducting research and development which could benefit Australia, you may be eligible to receive a tax offset. RDL tax accountants can eligible parties to register for these incentives and maintain compliance.

  • Self-Managed Super Funds

RDL tax accountants can help set you up as a managed super funds SMSF trust account and set up your self-managed super fund. RDL tax services set you up so that it’s eligible for tax concessions and is simple to administer.

  • Superannuation Tax

Tax paid on super contributions and benefits is dependant on various factors. Good tax accountants help clients with tax returns services that meet compliance. RDL also provide tax advice that enables our clients to grow their long term retirement superannuation funds. By avoiding decisions that would result in excessive tax payments, we help you prepare for the future. 

Contact RDL Accountants before lodging your tax return or for more information regarding a tailored tax planning.