Oct 13, 2021 Matthew Hung

Electronic Signing of Documents

Streamlined delivery of documents to you

We have recently decided to move to a streamlined easy-to-use electronic signing platform, as one of our highest priorities is getting documentation out to our clients as quickly and securely as possible.

Our practice has decided to implement FuseSign, an electronic platform that will allow us to securely deliver documents to you electronically, as well as enable you to electronically sign documents.  This system relies on your mobile phone number as your authenticator when signing your documentation.

What does this mean for you?

In the coming weeks we will begin sending eligible documents under this system, which you will be able to approve by signing electronically.  Please note that this will come from a “FuseSign” email address.

In the meantime you can view this short video to explain how the new system will work.  Just follow the link https://vimeo.com/439139011

Of course, this system will not replace meeting with you to discuss your financial and tax affairs.  You might prefer to receive and sign documents in the traditional paper format which is perfectly fine.  You can just let us know.

We see this system of digital signing as a quick and simple way to deliver documents to you, enabling you to approve and sign documents with minimum effort.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.